Public Announcement – The HeatWave Music Fest

Dear members of the public, media and all stakeholders,

The Dome Swakopmund would kindly take this opportunity to clarify, that the series of unfortunate events that led to the early call-off of the HeatWave Music Fest on 28 December at The Dome were solely between the event organisers, ASM Communications and Training, and third party, independent contractors and therefore out of our influence.

The Dome Swakopmund was merely functioning as a venue for the above-mentioned event and all contractual agreements between ASM Communications and Training and other service providers were done between those parties without our involvement.

We further underline that The Dome Swakopmund stays committed in delivering the best experience possible to all its members, partners, stakeholders and the Namibian community at large and we will not be hesitant to assist wherever possible.

We urge everyone that has been involved in this event to direct their questions and/or complaints to ASM Communications and Training directly at